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From 1941 a family-run business

A long successful history in joinery industry thanks to men and women that work hard to improve every day.

In 1941 from a Giuseppe Ponzio’s enlightenment was born a company skilled in alluminium’s superficial process: Ponzio. In those over 70 years of birth, four generations follow one another and company business grew-up to plan and produce a classification of casement and sliding windows,continuous facades,options for joinery and alluminium main door. The continuous enforce of the more original tecnologies and the diversification of exterior finish classification, company’s feather in the cap, allow the company to become what is today : a well-founded reality in alluminium industry.


Ponzio’s 1941


Giuseppe Ponzio


Lea and Emilio Ponzio


Giuseppe and Sergio Ponzio


Emilio Ponzio


Headquarters in Italy and all over the world.

Extended on over 60.000 mq under cover, in the historical enstablishment set in Pineto, Ponzio can count on warehouses placed in Rome and on flagship store in Milan. A reality in growing hard , reaching the world through Italian and foreign headquarters. Romana Ponzio was born in 1982 like Romana Accessori and from 2008 become the sole agent for Ponzio’s system in Lazio. In those days, like today, the target is to make a skilled distribution branch in Lazio for marketing joinery accessories. Romana Ponzio has available of an huge warehouse of about 4000 mq which can afford the task of assist joinery retailers. The flagship store in Milan was opened in 2010 in Santa Sofia Street n. 27 in Milan.It’s the point of reference for all designers and joinery retailers in those area of Northern Italy.Thanks to the open exposition area where take place all Ponzio’s classifications, involving new technologies, vanguard finish and high-skilled staff, the store can satisfy the most assorted planning needs . Ponzio is feeding from years his foreign business. Headquarters all over the world: in Poland (Ponzio Polska), in Ukraine (Ponzio Ukraine) and the logistic hub in India, in New Dehli allow to reach several countries;a business that count 400 employers with a total turnover of 80 million of euros in 2013.

5aPonzio-Headquarter and Stablishment In Pineto (TE)- Italy
5aPonzio-Headquarter and Stablishment In Pineto (TE)- Italy
5aPonzio Flagship Store – Milano, Italy
5aRomana Ponzio – Roma, Italy
5aPonzio Polska – Cekanowo, Poland
5aPonzio Polska – Cekanowo, Poland

Growing, generation one another

1941 – 1950

Ponzio, at that time in Lagrange Street n. 8 in Milan, is the first company with an anode oxidation plant.


1951 – 1960

Ponzio signs four historical achievements: Pirelli skyscraper, Termini Station, Olimpic Stadium, Jerusalem Dome.


1961 – 1970

It was built the new factory in Pineto, with an innovative anode oxidation plant.


1971 – 1980

The company begin the marketing of varnished and oxiteded shape,as well as options for joinery.


1981 – 1990

A new oxidation, varnishing and semiautomatic plant was settled in . The birth of Romana Ponzio.


1991 – 2000

Ponzio Polska was born. Four new brands of system were commercialized: Newtec, Sliding, Windstop e Bugnall. A vertical plant was installed.


2001 – 2013

The flagship store in Milan was opened. The birth of Apexfine, invisible luxury and b_OX, the skin system.


70 years of a story, a brand, a company

Ponzio’s company growth is well described by the evolution of his brand: an important emblem ,renewed over the years,though lasting devoted to the basics values of the company. Ponzio brand is a distinguishing and a unique feature of the job conducted by the Company with passion from over then 70 years.


Knowledge and innovation in planning system and finishes

Know-how and coninuous reserch are the foundation of an achievement, confirmed year after year.

Quality, newness and qualification are the fundamentals of Ponzio philosofy, the cornerstones of the production of alluminium joinery system even more complete and diversified. Thanks to professional and skilled staff , steadfastly keep up to date with new tecnologies and able to allow an high performance and quality of finished system.The planner and the retailer can count on a complete support , also concerned with planning, allowing to satisfy their customers.


One of the examples of Ponzio know how is without doubt being considered one of the first company Italy doing anode oxidation, an high skilled quality warranty, daily put into practice in company’s plan. The installation of the last varnishing vertical plan is the confirm of the warranty of the top level know-how standard, within new plants for the production of Brased, Velvet, Starox, Vertex e Uberall finish, unmatched in their category. Only Ponzio is able to offer a big choise of finish: hundred of visual and tactile solutions to achive the ideal alluminium window.


Our mission is the global quality

Ponzio philosophy comes through the staff will to do the best for the same target.


Being a leader in alluminium joinery system’s planning and production, creating at the same time ideal fondations to grow up and allow all the staff to work hard to get the best for a big brand, as a family company.



Ponzio wants to become the reference brand for alluminium joinery, gainingthe confidence of every customer and offering ideal solutions within a 360° service. A context for capacity and competence , a reality wich allow the customer to work as better thanks to flawless performances and high reliability. Without forgotten the task to create the ideal foundation to permit to every employers to be naturally launched to do the best