Ponzio Shutters System

Ponzio Shutters encompasses all the systems and Shutter mechanisms signed Ponzio


Mechanisms for Adjustable shutter


P-RED Is the mechanism for blinds with thin layers; is composed of a splint portalamelle in which are housed the thin layers and a rod of command that allows direct them. To handle the controls of the P-RED mechanism you can use a crank handle in metal or a lever handle – P-RED ML

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Mechanisms for fixed shutter


The Shutter fixed, or fixed thin layers, possesses the aesthetics of traditional wooden shutters retaining all the advantages of aluminum, both from the point of view of functionality that the maintenance. The product design allows the integration in architectural contexts of historical, traditional and modern. In the Persian fixing the flow of air and light to and from the outside is not adjustable.

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Thin Layers

The thin layers are an integral part of the leaf shutter and play a key role in the choice of the latter, both from the aesthetic point of view, that from the functional point of view, compared to the task that the shutter must play in ‘environment in which it will be installed. More details


depending on the type of shutter that means to choose, there is a handle that is appropriate to its opening. Login to know the details of the handles most widely used and its accessories orientation. More details