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Are You a Designer, a Fabricator or Istallatore? Do you want information on Ponzio products or get support for your design work? Sign in by filling out the form below in each field. You will receive directly in your mailbox specified username and password for access to the private Ponzio, where you will find many services specific to your profession!

  • Technical Catalogs: Access to the database of technical catalogs in PDF: search engine will help you find the documents and profiles based on the characteristics of the article.
  • Technical Updates: Technical updates on product lines and any updates or changes to catalogs.
  • Documents: Technical Documentation and reference standards for the industry.
  • Specifications: Technical Specifications concerning.
  • Thermal Transmittance: Utility program for the calculation of thermal transmittance.
  • Ready Warehouse: Complete List of products available in warehouse.
  • Certificates: Certificates and awards obtained by the products Ponzio (permeability, watertightness, resistance to wind load, Thermal transmittance, Felling Acoustic).
  • CAD Drawings: Library File, constantly updated , .dxf for Autocad.
  • Paint program: Details on the weekly program of painting.